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Resident Feature: Bader

Name: Bader

Estimated Birthdate: 04/04/2019

Species/Breed: Canine, Shepherd/Husky Mix

Special Needs: Paralysis resulting in multiple amputations, fecal and urinary incontinence

Residency Status: permanent resident, not available for adoption

Affiliation: personal pet, not supported by sanctuary funds

His Story:

Bader was found by a Good Samaritan when he lifted his head out of the grass, his fighting spirit on full display despite his young age. He was 3 months old and left for dead in a Texan ditch.

An amazing organization, Wag Again Rescue, pulled him from the shelter that night and rushed him to a specialty facility. That’s where they were informed that although his injuries could be from being hit by a car, they were also consistent with an intentional act: a single vertebrae was displaced as if he had been hit in the back with a metal rod. Everything was performed in an attempt to return him to full function (spinal surgery, rehabilitation, stem cells, etc), but despite all efforts, his paralysis was permanent.

he lifted his head out of the grass, his fighting spirit on full display

Bader went through several more surgeries (right hind limb amputation and multiple penile reconstructions) to combat consequences of his injuries. It was at this point that he was adopted by his forever family. Pilots n Paws went above and beyond in aiding with his transport from Texas to Colorado.

Being a young, high energy breed who never wanted to stop moving, he adored his new family since they were active, had a menagerie of northern breeds to play with, and lived on 35 acres. Once in his wheelchair he would soar through his pasture. He was notorious for launching himself over small ditches whilst chasing his new brothers and sisters!

Despite intensive daily care, he developed wounds on his remaining hind limb, tail, and penis (the reconstruction surgery failed multiple times). He would routinely catch these appendages on his cart which would result in a flip. When out of his cart, he would injure these areas from his abnormal gait and lack of sensation. The difficult decision was made to amputate. Despite seeming counterintuitive, following the surgery his quality of life soared since he no longer had chronic wounds and his mobility significantly improved.

The downside of his crazy energy and desire to run, came with Bader routinely breaking his wheelchair harness and straps. His family worked with Orthopets in order to provide him with a custom made prosthetic that strapped into the wheelchair to give Bader more stability (while also protecting him when out of his wheelchair). Orthopets also reconfigured a Ruffwear harness to replace the original cart harness due to its increased durability and toughness.

Since the sanctuary was developed on his family’s property, he is a permanent resident at The HOPS Project (although not supported by THP funds). He has the supreme joy of wheeling through the field several times a day while wrestling with his friends new and old.


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